Phew…!!!! almost inherited a stranger’s property

I met this piece of work this morning. Some senile sexagenarian dude… I don’t know what went wrong with him… some divine rendition or platonic infatuation… whatever. He just seemed smitten with me. Had this zany idea of working in the non-formal education sector in the villages and thought I was the one who would help him achieve that. What a bozo!

You wouldn’t believe he came to drop me to my locality, had lunch with me and insisted on coming to my hostel! Kept talking about dying all the time.

He said – ‘Hey.…you know I’ve been working all these years and did not marry and have all this money I want to leave to someone who can put it to some good use. Do you believe in God?’

‘Let’s work in your village’

‘When you go to your hometown… I want to tag along’

‘Let’s go to the bank and deposit some money in a joint account’

‘Take my washing machine. I have an extra’

‘I don’t even have a will. What would happen if I die? I need to do something right away’

I said.…go get a will made.

He asked – ‘shall I put your name in it?’

I am shit scared of this guy. I keep feeling like he might show up at the door anytime. Never seen such a crazy ass before. I went to McD alone. Sat for hours. Kept sucking at an empty cup of coffee before I realized people were staring at me. Finished my fries in two minutes and burger in a half. And still sat there while people stood waiting for me to get up.

I know… it was embarrassing for me. I just kinda forgot there were other people too.

I couldn’t help but think: What if this guy really dies? A will in my name! F*ck! I’ll be damned.

Shit! Shit! I don’t know what to do.

(PS: my neighbor is staring at me. Probably wondering why I’m not asleep yet..)