Keeping it real

Keeping it real

Kids can have short attention spans, they move fast and are usually more energetic than us adults. All this makes photographing kids really challenging. If you fail to retain their interest – they’ll get bored and that can be the end of it. When people ask me – do you photograph kids? I always say yes with a caveat. Posing kids never really works out. It has to be natural. And then there’s this whole thing with building rapport and gaining trust.

I came across this interview with photographer Winky Lewis in the November 2012 issue of Popular Photography. Lewis talks about how she photographs kids and their natural-playful-sweet-fudgy self. She finds inspiration in the beauty of mundane moments, often with her own kids. I’m sure that is what inspires most of us too (including me). Lewis’ work speaks. It comes alive. It’s like you’re there with the kid.

On being asked how she manages to retain a kid’s attention she says kids can be fun to work with. They’re always doing something interesting and want attention (not all kids in my experience). If you take a picture and share it with them – it can be quite easy to get them interested.