Looking out | Manali

Looking out | Manali

DAY 1 – December 28, 2016


whenever I return from a trip I realize I never quite use most of what I carry. I thought I’d packed light but I ended up carrying lots of stuff anyway.

I boarded at Delhi and reached Kalka around ten. Kalka is a small town in the Indian State of Haryana. It is the starting point of World-Heritage Site Kalka-Shimla Railway. It is where the broad gauge of the Indian Railways end and the narrow gauge for India’s Summer Capital begin.

I stayed overnight at the ‘executive lounge’ at 20 per hour for about 6 hours. The room was full of people and I had to wait for a while before I was allowed to get in. It was very comfortable for me. I was prepared to sleep outside in the cold. Once I was allotted a seat, I had lots of water, put my legs over my rucksack, put on my eye-mask and went straight to sleep. People would simply recommend against sleeping at night while traveling alone and to watch-out for luggage. They are right. However, it would be wrong to establish it as a rule. The traveler would always be the best person to decide whether or not to sleep. As for a general recommendation – try to sleep as much as possible whenever you get a chance.

Although my sleep was intermittent and I was woken-up more than once, I had a great night.