He woke up to their laughter.

Outside, it was just another morning. Inside, it was all very confusing.

The room smelled faintly of lavender and old mattresess. He managed to stand. Grabbed his underwear and had a glass of water.

He put eggs to boil.

The candles had all burned out, slightly burning with it a small part of the wooden floor. There was wax everywhere. He would rub his feet together to get it off him.

The old floor creaked under his weight.

He squatted near the window and opened it slightly, making sure nobody saw him.

Then he slipped-in, beside the gorgeous woman he met last evening at Sanjauli.

He lay beside her, staring at the old Victorian ceiling and thought about all the incidents that had brought them together.

He couldn’t stop thinking about how beautifully radiant she looked, partly illuminated by candles and partly by moonlight as they made love by the window.

She was still naked.

He tried to study her features by daylight. Her curvaceous figure, and stretch marks around the waist and thighs and breasts. All, all beautiful imperfections.