Phew…!!!! almost inherited a stranger’s property

I met this piece of work this morning. Some senile sexagenarian dude… I don’t know what went wrong with him… some divine rendition or platonic infatuation… whatever. He just seemed smitten with me.… Continue reading

a moment of silence

Why I left texting forever exactly a year ago

I just wrote it in my journal. No texts. I deleted my WhatsApp account on an impulse. But I never thought I could stick to it. I mean c’mon… I used to be… Continue reading

12 Candles. Each Packet. (Part 1)

He is like Sam. Sam as in ‘I am Sam’. Sam who used to be a waiter at Starbucks? No? Well if you do not know he makes coffee now. But if you… Continue reading


The side flap fluttered relentlessly as soon as I unlatched it. Chrek. Chrek. And it rolled down like a flexible bulwark against the cold – the world at the other side. I love… Continue reading