your life can change any moment, appreciate what you have now

A couple of months ago, one of my friends’ cousins was diagnosed with skin cancer. Though it is in the second stage now and doctors believe it can be cured it has changed… Continue reading



finished reading a beautiful memoir. you have to guess the name of the book..


I love the rain. Don’t quite know what about it. Perhaps the smell or the feel. Or the fact that I too can let go for a moment. And just be. Knowing that… Continue reading

Phew…!!!! almost inherited a stranger’s property

I met this piece of work this morning. Some senile sexagenarian dude… I don’t know what went wrong with him… some divine rendition or platonic infatuation… whatever. He just seemed smitten with me.… Continue reading

a moment of silence

Why I left texting forever exactly a year ago

I just wrote it in my journal. No texts. I deleted my WhatsApp account on an impulse. But I never thought I could stick to it. I mean c’mon… I used to be… Continue reading

12 Candles. Each Packet. (Part 1)

He is like Sam. Sam as in ‘I am Sam’. Sam who used to be a waiter at Starbucks? No? Well if you do not know he makes coffee now. But if you… Continue reading


The side flap fluttered relentlessly as soon as I unlatched it. Chrek. Chrek. And it rolled down like a flexible bulwark against the cold – the world at the other side. I love… Continue reading